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Price Headley Big Trends Bob Lang, etc. traded my account DOWN approximately 65% and they call themselves professionals, and they will charge you a subscription fee for the benefit of them losing your money. I subscribed to their services which they aggressively market as constant triple digit winners [and not annually or monthly but on most short term trade triple digit winners]. Nothing could be further from the truth. After about 9-10 months of their services where they had full control of the trades, they had not even one winning month. They consistently lost my money trade after trade, day after day, week after week, month after month. After 9-10 months of large consistent losses I revoked their trading Power Of Attorney. To be clear I did not open and close the trades on recommendations, they opened and closed the [consistent loosing] trades they selected.


During the time they were consistently drawing down my account, I, and countless others, were receiving their marketing e-mails of these same services telling how they were winning and winning huge… nothing could have been further from the truth.


When you pay trained professionals to execute high probability quality well researched trades, you expect results… just not the kind of results they produced for me. They have all been trained with Price Headley’s education. That says a lot about the value of that education, when his own professional traders can only loose and lose big!


Bob Lang did a presentation at an investors meeting during the time they were trading my account [down], which I attended. He focused on the serious issues of not cutting losses while they are small, and how hard it is to ever recover if you don’t manage well your loosing trades and do good research. Unfortunately the audience was not allowed to participate so I did not get a chance to ask him in front of everyone about my account which he was trading and LOSING BIG on.


They promised me in person at the Las Vegas traders Expo that they would make it up to me and for me to call them at the office during the week. I bet you can guess what happened then. You’re right they did NOTHING but keep my money and not return my calls!